Starting to get plastered

This week say the start of the plaster boarding and plastering, connecting up the vent pipes to the roof vents, some finishing touches to the roof and work on the washing machine space under the stairs.


Doors, Stripping, Rodding & Panneling

Good progress this week with the the first fix electrics all but finished, the new ceiling being fully insulated and ready for plaster board & skim.


More wires & a floor

This week more wires went into the ceiling, the insulation started to go up in the ceiling of the extension and the lead work was finished to No.56. On Friday Gary, Steve & Alan laid the screed – so all ready for the next big arrival the doors early next week.


Tiles, underfloor heating & flue

This week saw the tiles going onto the roof, insulation starting to be added on between the joists, the steel was partially clad with extra-fire resistant plasterboard and the underfloor heating pipes were installed along with the manifold and pump.